Family Retreats In Italy - Yoga, Cooking and Fitness breaks for all the family
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Mum and baby holidays
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More Mums and babies and lots of olives!

So the September mum and baby breaks went well. We had sunshine all month and the mums on the fitness breaks all lost between 1 and 2 kilos. I managed to loose a kilo without doing any exercise! Just eating all those healthy meals. Have sort of kept up the healthy eating give or take a chocolate or two!

The yoga and cooking breaks were great fun and busy.On one break we had ten adults (Dads came too)and seven little ones. Busy , lively and great fun,although hard work for our team. Fernanda said she was glad when the month was over, but the next day said she felt lost without all the children and couldn't wait for the next breaks to begin. Everyone agreed that her tiramisu and home made pasta were the best.A couple of mums have e-mailed me to say they have been practicing their newly learnt pizza and pasta making skills at home. Isobel said the pizza on our pizza evening was the best she had ever tasted.

We have just come back from Italy after picking our olives(we do olive picking and cooking weekends) and having had 34 guests to visit in the last 2 weeks , some for the night, some just for the food. So am about to prepare our olives to put in jars now . In case you want to know how this is done , you prick the olives, cover them in salt, stir every morning until lots of black liquid comes out and after about 2 weeks they are ready (taste to see if still bitter, if they are keep them under salt a few more days).
Then you can put them in jars with some olive oil, fennel seed, celery , garlic and pepper. Add chilly if you want spicy olives. Easy! Great gifts for Christmas. By the way if you want an unusual gift why not get your loved one an olive tree club membership see